GPI in the media

Green Meetings Initiatives that GPI applies to its event planning processes and practices

We source out and order:

  • name badge holders made from biodegradable plastic.
  • signage designed to be re-used year after year for annual events (whenever possible).
  • conference bag products that are reusable and biodegradable (for example, a product that includes 25% recycled pre-consumer material in the form of reused polypropylene waste).
  • lanyards that are made of 100% pre and post consumer recycled materials e.g., bamboo.
  • electronic signage when it is more sustainable than re-usable, recyclable signage.

We recommend:

  • determining the carbon footprint of the event and investigating the carbon offsets required to be carbon neutral.
  • giving water bottles (i.e. stainless steel) to the delegates – to be used and reused throughout the event and keep plastic bottles out of the landfills.
  • eliminating single use containers from all food and beverage service (such as salt and pepper, margarine or sugar and creamer containers).
  • never using disposable cutlery or dishware (unless necessary because collection for washing is not possible because of transport issues and if disposable is absolutely necessary, it must be bio-degradable).
  • using electronic evaluations/surveys instead of printed evaluation questionnaires.
  • not providing photocopied handouts – post the information electronically on the event web site.
  • using paper with a high level of post-consumer recycled content for the printing of conference materials.
  • minimizing printed marketing materials – promote the event electronically via e-marketing and when printed materials are required, designing them using sustainable principles such as matching paper size to available presses, no bleeds, important relevant information only.
  • ordering recycling bins on-site (for paper and plastic).
  • collecting lanyards and badge holders at the end of the event – to be re-used.
  • collecting and recycling name badge inserts.