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Green Procurement and Waste Management

GPI applies the same environmental considerations to its event planning processes and practices as it does to its own operations and procurement practices.  For events, we also ask facilities to reduce waste by:

  • Using water coolers or pitchers of water onsite instead of bottled water.
  • Using pitchers of juice instead of individual bottles.
  • Using pitchers of cream/milk, bowls of sugar and condiments instead of individual units.
  • Only using washable dishware and cutlery
  • Pads of paper and pens are placed in specific locations in meeting rooms to reduce the waste of placing one at each place setting.
  • Whenever possible, leftover food is redirected to a social service agency to reduce wastage.
  • Quantities of food and beverage ordered are based on historical patterns rather than total attendance to reduce wastage.
  • Served meals are recommended as a means of controlling portion size (and therefore wastage) over buffets, when feasible.