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This ‘greening’ action plan was implemented for one of GPI’s events:  The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy which took place on October 29 & 30, 2008 in Ottawa:

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy made every reasonable and feasible effort to incorporate existing and emerging green meeting practices throughout the organizing and execution of the NRTEE’s 20the Anniversary Event Program.  These efforts included:

GPI Green InitiativesAll invitations to the Round Table Forum on Securing Canada’s Future were issued electronically, with the exception of the Invitation from the Speaker of the Senate which has to be in paper form for security reasons (and was printed on recycled paper).

GPI Green InitiativesAll background documentation was issued electronically and paper copies were not provided on-site.

GPI Green InitiativesA shuttle service was provided between the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel where many participants are staying and the Government Conference Centre on Sussex Drive using the Hydrogen on the Hill buses.  The buses demonstrated a reduction of more than 99.5% in CO2 emissions and more than 75% in NOx emissions compared to gasoline vehicles.  The buses were sponsored by the Senate of Canada, Ford (Canada), ATFCAN and Air Liquide.

GPI Green InitiativesMenu planning for the Reception and Forum included as much as possible the 100 mile diet concept and sustainable farming.

GPI Green InitiativesCatering service was provided with washable utensils, plates, cups and glasses.

GPI Green InitiativesSingle use containers were not permitted, including for cream, sugar and juice.

GPI Green InitiativesPublic recycling containers were stationed throughout the Forum venue with separate sections to avoid co-mingling and contamination of materials to be recycled.

GPI Green InitiativesBanners were produced utilizing bio-degradable banner material.

GPI Green InitiativesRe-usable signs were produced on recyclable cardboard.

GPI Green InitiativesForum proceedings were being broadcast by CPAC to extend the reach of the Forum electronically.  CPAC also made the sessions available via webcast.

GPI Green InitiativesFor all green house gas emissions that could not be eliminated, carbon offsets were purchased to cover air travel (97% of estimated GHGs), ground transportation, non-recyclable/undivertable waste, office and meeting space HVAC and power consumption, participant accommodation, AV services, etc. through Zero Foot Print.  The projects supported were selected to be be a Tire Recycling Program in Quebec, a Run of River Hydro Project north of Ottawa and a Landfill Gas Recovery Project in Niagara Falls.