Our Approach
We work closely with our clients and their planning organization to establish the best possible environment for their event, ensuring that all arrangements provide a comfortable, fully supportive setting for the pursuit of the substantive work and, at the same time (where appropriate), permit informal networking opportunities for the participants.

We fulfill all the tasks for which we are responsible within the approved budget by ensuring control of expenditures and obtaining appropriate approvals prior to making expense commitments.

We welcome the opportunity to put our creative talents to work in the organization of the thematics for the events including special social events such as receptions, dinners, spousal programs, and pre- and post-conference tours.

In short, we take the stress out of a stressful activity for you.

One of GPI's most important objectives is to provide meticulous planning services leading to the flawless execution of events. Every effort is made to ensure that all facets of the planning of an event are anticipated and dealt with in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Attention to detail is crucial in the event planning business and GPI communicates well with its clients to deliver and execute a successful event.

GPI's objectives are to make the client look good and to deliver to the client a finished product that has been polished and fine-tuned into a successful accomplishment. Our belief is that the best results are achieved by working with the client as well as for the client. We provide extensive consultative services designed to not only thoroughly address the logistical and promotional aspects of conference planning, but also, through analysis of the client's communications objectives, ensure the event maximizes the return on investment from both fiscal and communications perspectives.

More and more, clients need to identify this "return on investment". GPI's efforts are geared to increase participation at an event, obtain substantial sponsorship contributions and generate a high level of interest and participation from exhibitors and speakers. In addition, every effort is made to enhance and increase the profile of the organization through the promotional activity and the communications strategy.

As a full-service firm of meeting professionals, every member of the GPI team is dedicated to providing high level of service to our clients. Customer service is a key component of all GPI activities and is carried out consistently and thoroughly not only with respect to our clients but also with our client's clients -- the conference participants including delegates, sponsors, presenters, exhibitors, guests, media, volunteers and staff.

At the end of the day, we believe in rolling up our sleeves to get the job done. We have the kind of muscle required to find creative solutions necessary to deliver the highest calibre of events. And we never forget that attention to detail is important, and it's our attention to quality in all the details that makes us stand above the rest.