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Les directeurs de GPI sont souvent appelés à formuler des commentaires d’expert. Les liens suivants donnent accès à un échantillon de textes dans lesquels il est question de GPI.

"Engaging in sustainable practices isn’t just good business, it’s also part of our corporate social responsibility,” says Phil Ecclestone, CMP, vice-president and event manager...

Green Businesses

Ignite Magazine (under "Event Planner" heading)

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At Golden Planners Inc., executing an effective meeting that furthers the client’s business objectives is an exercise...

Market Leaders

Ottawa Business Journal

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Please do yourself a favor, and the next time you check in at a hotel ...

Bed Bugs the Reality in North America

MPI Ottawa - Communiqué

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Elevate your event badge to boost engagement, gather data and create networking ops...

Event Badges

Ignite Magazine

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